Friday, November 18, 2011

NCIS-Engaged Part 2

Spoiler alert- Cont.---Oh yeah did I mentioned as this is all going on Gibbs is having flashbacks to when he was just starting out in the marines and is flirting with a fellow marine. Anyway back to the story. This time we open with Gibbs on another cargo plane with another coffin and go back 48 hours earlier. Once they see footage of a person running with to little ones Gibbs and Ziva get on a plane. They get to a base and meet Captain Quincy who tells them that the girls have been found and are on their way. Once the girls are on the base we see that they have been tortured. One with acid the other multiply cigarette burns. Ziva and Gibbs are able to gently talk to them and they tell them that who they are looking for was still alive when they were with her. Quincy, Gibbs and Ziva come up with a plan to save her. In the end it wasn't the man's daughter but someone else in the coffin. Gibbs flashback is also concluded.

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