Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Berkeley Square

Some people call them "classics" to me they are films that were made before I was born and just haven't seen yet. At night when I can't sleep I put the TV on TCM (I find that the black and white images keep it dark but the voices are comforting), that being said I have found some good films this way.

Last week for the first time TCM aired a film from 1933. The story takes place in 18th century London 8 years after after the American Revolution, at am estate in Berkeley Square, the name of the film. The opening scene takes place in the English house where we first meet Kate Pettigrew (Valerie Taylor) she and her family are awaiting the arrival of their American cousin, Peter Standish there is a flash of lighting and we are transported to the present day where a man (Leslie Howard) shares his name with the now long dead Peter and turns out to be his distant relative. He has just inherited the old house and finds it intriguing with a beautiful history. The house has not changed , same grandfather clock, same books and a painting of a man who looks just like him.  Just as in the recent film Midnight in Paris, Peter begins to long for the past as his fiance Marjorie (Betty Lawford) walks in. She sees that he is obsess and becomes worried about his mental state. Peter doesn't want to leave the house and comes up with a theory that if he walks in the same path of his late relative then some how all of time will happen at once and he will be allowed to travel through time. Peter learns about the arrival of the cousin while reading his journal and at the precise time 5;30 he enters the house and on the other side of the door finds himself dressed in 18th century clothing. In the past he also meets Kate's sister Helen and immediately falls in love with her although he is engaged to Kate. Also at their first meeting Peter makes his first time travel mistake by knowing what Helen's birthday gift is before she opens it. This reminds him that must follow the path that has already happened but it is more difficult then he thought it would be and he makes mistake after mistake. Using words that have not been used yet and knowing about things that have not happened. Kate becomes fearful of him but Helen loves him. Can Peter make things right again? To find out what happens next check out Berkeley Square.

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