Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dolphin Tale-A film review

Animal stories on film are hard to watch and tare at the heart strings and yet I can't help but take a chance on them. From Charlotte's Web, National Velvet and Old Yeller to Seabiscuit, Secaterit and Warhorse to the comedy Cats and Dogs you know you are about to watch a good story. Movies about animals follow the same formula, you meet the animal, you fall in love with him or her throughout the telling of the story and whether it ends in sorrow or triampth by the time the credits roll you have gone on an emotional journey, which reminds me of Homeward Bound with the two dogs and the cat, aww, which brings me to the latest film that premiered last month on HBO called Dolphin Tale.

Everything that you need to know is right there in the title, this movie is inspired by a true story. A story in which the central character is a dolphin named Winter. The film begins when a young boy named Sawyer Nelson (Nathan Gamble) finds a dolphin stranded on a beach. After she is rescued by a father/Marine Biologist, Dr. Clay Haskett played by the wonderful singer/actor Harry Connick Jr. and his daughter, Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff). They take her back to their animal hospital/aquarium to try and save her. The call her Winter and realize that her tail fin is injured and eventually have to amputate it. Then things get serious, the boy and girl grow to care for and love Winter. They help her swim ever day even though it means Sawyer skips summer school. They all soon learn that if Winter continues to move her fin up and down instead of right to left she will die, at the same time the hospital is losing their benefactors and may have to sell the building leaving all the animals homeless.That is where Dr. Cameron played by the great Morgan Freeman comes into the picture. Can he find a way to help and save Winter? Can the hospital be saved? If for no other reason you should watch this movie to see a pelican named Rufus who steels every scene he is in. Ashley Judd also stars as Sawyer's mother. Keep an eye out for or rent Dolphin Tale.

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