Thursday, August 30, 2012

Doctor Who-season 7

It is the beginning of the end for The Ponds this coming season of Doctor Who starting Sat @ 9 on BBC America. When the wonderful Matt Smith took over the role of The Doctor I like so many was sad to see the extremely talented David Tennant (don't believe me check out his Hamlet) leave but happy that the show went on and have been truly enjoying Mr. Smith these past few seasons. The 11th Doctor brought with him Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) who brought with her Rory Williams (Arthur Duvall) and with new man in charge Steven Moffat (co-creator of Sherlock, another show you should check out if you haven't yet). The three have been on many adventures! I will admit when I first heard Mr Moffat was taking over I was worried for the man had written some of the previous scarier episodes of Doctor Who it its first two seasons, I thought the show would become darker, instead it has stayed consistent with some episodes being fun, touching and sweet like when The Doctor and Amy met Vincent Van Gogh (My favorite artist) while others have been down right creepy like the episodes called Night Terrors about a frightened child and The God Complex about a hotel in which all the rooms were filled with its residents worst fears.

From the day we met Amy Pond as a young girl to the day the Ponds learned the truth about River Song The 11th Doctor and his companions have been through a lot. I am sure the new season will be no different as we watch and like with those before them we say goodbye to Amy and Rory but with continue to travel through time and space with The Doctor. So if you haven't check out one of my favorite series jump on board The TARDIS and tune into Doctor Who.


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