Monday, August 13, 2012

Farewell to The Closer

Tonight on TNT at 9 pm is the final episode of The Closer.

I just want to tell the cast and crew that I look forward to Major Crimes which is premiering right after but as for The Closer herself Branda Leigh Johnson played by the magnificent Kyra Sedgwick. The Deputy Chief of the major crimes division in Los Angeles always knew how to get a suspect to open up and get at the truth. She was tough, brilliant and obsess with candy ( I too am fond of a peanut butter cup once in a while and wouldn't mind a draw full of them) and once in a while we got to she her softer side, like whenever she was with he husband, Fritzy, her cat (first Miss Kitty then Joel) and her very southern parents. Branda lived life on her own terms.

Cheers to The Closer 2005-2012! And to Emmy Award winner Kyra Sedgwick this fan will miss your southern accent and that cute pink coat. Good luck to whatever you (and any other cast member who won't be on Major Crimes) do in the future (fingers crossed for a return to good films).

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