Monday, August 13, 2012


Once again Director/Writer Edward Burns (The Brothers McMullen, She's the One) has brought us another sweet and fine small film with the simple title of Newlyweds. Mr. Burns does his best work when shooting on the streets of NYC and this film is no exception. The story is about a newly wedded couple, Buzzy (Edward Burns) and Katy(Caitlin Fitzgerald) and how they cope with what happens once their (2ed each) marriage begins. They have only known each other for a short time when their lives get turned upside down when friends and family get involved. Let me start with Katy's sister Marsha (Marsha Dietlein) and her husband Max (Max Baker). The two have been married for 19 years and when they have lunch with Buzzy and Katy their relationship begins to feel old and past its prime. Max flirts with a younger woman while Marsha feels ignored. That is only the beginning to the tsunami of troubles in front of Buzzy and Katy. Next there is Katy's out of work actor ex-husband Dara (Dara Coleman) who is always stopping by and asking for money and suddenly Linda (Kerry Bishe) Buzzy's younger half sister drops by out of the blue. Buzzy and Linda have not seen each other since she left her home at 16 when their father died. She comes to NYC from l.A (without a coat) with the propose of getting her now married ex back and crash lands into their already crazy new lives. All of the characters lives become connected and as shown through conversations between Sister and Sister, Husband and Husband, and Ex Husband and Half Sister the film asks the questions about marriage, why does when get married? How to deal with being married and the questions that come once you are married-How to deal with those outside the marriage who are part of each spouses world? From giving up on yours as an individual dreams to settling down and having a family?
First thoughts right after the "I dos" and what really happens next.

Edward Burns asked for real life newlywed stories through twitter and with his lowest budget yet and NYC as the background gave use another good film. So go and download or rent and watch Newlyweds.

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