Monday, August 27, 2012

The Guard (2011)- A film review

This past weekend I had family visiting and when one has company you have to enterain them right? While doing so on Friday night we came across a small, independent, foreign film called The Guard. The film takes place in a little, off beat town in Ireland. it is here where the local police come across a gruesome murder. They discover that the murder is connected to other deaths which are part of a drug smuggling ring so the FBI is called in to help out on the case. The two main characters are a unconventional Irish policeman named Sergeant Gerry Boyle played by Brendan Gleeson and a by the book, uptight FBI agent named Wendell Everett played by the awesome Don Cheadle.

The strange story goes even deeper as we learn about these two characters and what makes them tick. They dislike each other when the first meet. On his day off Boyle spends some time with prostitutes and his dying mother while Everett goes around the town asking anyone including a horse if they know the drug smugglers, language becomes a problem since most speak Gallic. Do the two learn to get along? Do the y get the bad guys? Who is that teen on the bike with training wheels? Who is that young boy with the dog? To find out rent or on demand The Guard.

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