Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Art of the Made for TV Movie

Ah Hallmark the greeting card company that has been making made for TV movies for years. Every Saturday on their very own network they seem to air a whole new movie and the sappy sucker that I am I have to watch. As in every story each movie has a beginning, where you meet the characters, a middle, where there is a conflict for the main characters to work out and an ending a nice wrap up of the two hours. By the end the characters have learned a lesson and are better people for it.
From Thanksgiving to New Years the Hallmark Channel has been showing new holiday movies every weekend and airing ones from Christmas seasons past all week long. These movies seem to have the same stars from year to year including Dean Cain, Tom Cavanigh and Jennie Garth. Even though all of the movies have a happy ending, usually with the girl getting the guy, I still; as much as I tell myself not to, cry at each one.
This year the network even aired a four-hour long Christmas mini series which continued their movies series that is based on a series of book called The Love Saga. These stories are westerns and the first four that I saw were about the generations of a family. Yes it is embarrassing to admit that I have watched all of them but it is a good way to kill some time.
 If for one reason or another you don’t think you would like the sappy, sweet with a predictable ending movies of the week on Hallmark, Lifetime or ABC Family then I suggest you check out ANY made for TV movie or mini series on HBO.
They may not always have a happy ending but you can bet they WILL win an EMMY.

Update: I just finished watching Christmas Magic-Spoiler--I knew she was in a coma!!! and I still cried,alot.

Some of the ones I have seen this year…
The case for Christmas
Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas
Lucky Christmas
A Princess for Christmas
The Christmas Pagent

Side note: TNT has recently added made for TV mister movies on Tues night that are also scary but fun to watch.

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