Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NCIS-Newborn King

This years NCIS Christmas episode was very sweet and very cool.
Opening scene a marine franticly gets a room at an expensive hotel and is immediately shot to death, that is where out team comes in and on Christmas Eve of all days. Before we get into this weeks mission the offices of NCIS is visited by Jimmy Palme'rs, Duckie's assistant, future father in Law and Jimmy has to take him on a tour. As you can tell Jimmy and the man do not get along.
Back to our Christmas story. It turns out the Marine was protecting his fellow Marine who is pregnant with a dead Iraqi child. She is on the run and Gibbs must find her and keep her safe. There is one scene after they find her and she learns to trust them that is too fantastic not to write about. Gibbs, Ziva and the woman they are protecting car has broken down but they are able to get it to a close gas station with garage. You know their peace can’t last long and just as she goes into labor the men who want her baby appear. Gibbs stays with her to deliver the baby as Ziva, who may be the coolest female character on TV right now, has a shoot out with at least three killers. With guns in both hands kick ass Ziva fires through the asles of the store at the bad guys!
I will leave it there to let you see how it ALL turns out.
Merry Christmas to all who serve at home and abroad. 

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