Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Film Review-The Muppets

Before I go to a movie I do a little research. What is the movie about? Who is in it? Is it the type a movie I want to see and would I like it? I do this by reading about it on line, in my entertainment magazines and by watching interviews. Then by the time the film comes out I have made a decision. Although most of the time the decision comes down to if there is an actor or two I like in the movie. With all of the movies I have seen lately it has actually been at least three years since I’ve done all this but then The Muppets came to town. About a year ago I was watching a late night interview with Jason Segel, at the time he was promoting Gulliver’s Travels but what the interviewer really wanted to talk about were the rumors he heard about Segel shooting a new Muppet movie. Jason Segel then had to admit that he indeed was in the middle of shooting one. We fast forward to 2 ½ weeks ago and there is Mr. Segel on ALL the talk shows day and night to promote his new feature The Muppets. I watched every interview which means that I had to sit through the same stories more then once, which always happens to a celebrity in the middle of a press junket. Like I’ve said it’s been a long time since I’ve done this but for Jason Segel it was worth it. As a kid of the 80s I have been a long time Muppet fan and the more I heard about this movie the more I wanted to see it. The day after Thanksgiving I got my chance and was NOT disappointed.
The Muppets centers on Walter, a new Muppet, his brother Gary, a human (Segel) and his longtime girlfriend Mary (the adorable Amy Adams). While on a trip to L.A. the three discover that a rich oil tycoon (Chris Cooper) has bought the old Muppet studio and wants to tear it down. This prompts Walter to search for Kermit and when he finds him they all decide to bring the old Muppet gang back together and hold a telethon to raise money and buy the studio back before it can be destroyed.
I loved how Jason Segel as co-writer and producer was able to bring back the original Muppet show series from the late 70s and was allowed to include the opening theme. They even had a Guest host for the telethon; in fact there were a lot of human cameos which is also a staple in any Muppet movie. The best part is that the movie does this without the help of 3D or any major special effects. I sat there in a theater full of people from every age group and smiled and laughed through the entire film. I really enjoyed how the cast knew they were in a movie. The most important thing to a Muppet movie is the music. This one was no different as I moved my body along with the new and old songs. Two weeks later and I still find myself singing “Man or Muppet”.
As I left the theater that night I overheard those who were part of the audience with me still quoting the lines. When that happens, you know you have just enjoyed a good film. Thank you Jason Segel for bringing The Muppets back to us and allowing a whole new generation to discover them.
                          I want to see it again and if you get the chance go see The Muppets

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