Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NCIS: L.A.- Higher Power

This week on an episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen was calling Newt Ginrich a Bond Villain because he believes in EMPs and worries that one could be used against the U.S. Turns out he may be right.
This week’s episode of NCIS: LA revolves around an EMP that has been invented by a college professer to prove Ginrich's theory to the rest of the Government but no one believes him and it is stolen from his car. Callen, Sam and the team have to go into action to find this thing before all of California is electrically thrown into darkness. They track down the four grad students working with the professor and learn who, why and where the device is. Kensi gets to slide down in between two escalaters, so cool.
 Do they stop it in time?
Does Sam find a Parker Pony for his daughter for Christmas?
Will there be a Christmas?
Find out when you watch.
In the mean time see you next year NCIS LA!

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