Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Film Review- Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I went and saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, not because I really wanted to but because I had to. I have been watching the Mission Impossible movies on the big screen since the first one in 1996; I even have that one on VHS and the original soundtrack on cassette. In other words I felt obligated to see this new one in a theater with an audience and I truly enjoyed it.
The first time we see Ethan Hunt (the Fascinating Tom Cruise) team leader and best agent the IMF seems to have it’s just as a profile in a jail cell. Then Dean Martin music begins to play throughout the prison giving him the chance to go into action. I know that in action flicks the plot may not be as important as the explosions or car chases but let me sum it up anyway. Someone has blown up the Kremlin in Russia and Hunt and his team have been blamed, now without the help of the U.S. government aka ghost protocol this team including Benji (the Great Simon Pegg) Brandt (the Talented Jeremy Renner) and Jane (the Beautiful Paula Patton) have to track down the Russian bad guy Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist) aka Cobalt and stop him from starting a nuclear war. It’s a new team for Ethan but he quickly learns to trust them in order for them to do what they have to, to save many innocent lives.
There was a lot of action and some great sequences that stick with you after watching. The most talked about one has Tom Cruise hanging from and doing some amazing stunts on the side of the tallest building in the word (In Dubai). I have a couple of favorites but have to mention one sequence which portrays a deadly car crash. All I can say is that the way it is shot actually makes you feel like you’re in the vehicle with the characters without using any 3D. Not bad from a director (Brad Bird) who is mostly known for his animated features including The Incridibles and Ratatouille.
After I saw the film a heard a fellow critic say that he liked the action but didn’t care for the comedy and sentimental scenes that seemed misplaced in between all the movement. To that I say- the scenes may have seemed displaced but I think you need some breathing time in order to relax from sitting on the edge of your seat. Comic relief on the other hand is always nice and welcomed in any film, especially when you have a comic genus like Simon Pegg doing most of it.
If you want to see an action-packed, tense, fun and cool to look at popcorn flick which has a familiar but intriguing with plot twist story then go see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. 

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