Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas favorites : Commercial

Yes I have a favorite x-mas ad. It hasn’t aired in a long time and the company has had a new one out for a couple of seasons now and it is good but the one I am going to write about is way better. The product if for Folgers Coffee and even though I am not a coffee drinker because of this ad Folgers would be the one I would choose. Please tell me if you know the one I’m describing.
The first shot is of a man exiting a car with his arms full of presents, he closes the door as he says ”Merry Christmas” to the driver. Next he walks into the house and places the presents under a beautiful tree as he does this a young blond girl comes down the steps behind him. She sees him and yells “Peter” she runs to him and he hugs her. She tells him “Everyone’s asleep and Peter responds “Shhhh, I know how to wake them up”. The two go into the kitchen and he starts to make a fresh pot of coffee, they smell the grounded beans as Peter brews it up. We cut to the rest of the family smelling the aroma of the coffee as they wake up from their beds. They come down the same set of stairs just as Peter and the girl re-enter the room with a tray of mugs. They see him and smiles appear on all there faces as a woman proclaim “Peter. You’re home” and he responds “I miss you mom”. In the end all are happy as Folgers announces happ holidays from our family to yours.
Now I don’t knew how they all know each other but I like to think its Peter’s first Christmas home since starting college, but your guess is a good as mine. Not that it really matters anyway because I’m tearing up just thinking about the ad as I type.
Tomorrow my favorite X-Mas show.  

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