Monday, January 16, 2012

The 69th Golden Globes 2012

Last year I was one of the few who thought Ricky Gervais was funny and did a good job hosting this particular awards show, this time around he seemed to hold back some but was able still able to stay on target. When I watch award shows I watch from the time E! Television gets themselves set up on the red carpet through the entire show (No matter how long they may go over) to all the post show analysis on ALL the entertainment shows the next day.
The Golden Globes are what I would call an odd award they are given out by The Hollywood Foreign Press and no one really knows who they are but they care about film so you have to thank them if you win. They I would add are also the most fun award. It is TV and Film stars sitting together in a fancy hotel ballroom where all the nominees, presenters and invited guests get to drink and mingle. This year was no different and it is cool to see Mr. Spielberg chatting with Brad Pitt or Meryl Steep hanging out with Michelle Williams, both winners (just to name some of the people who were there) this year the was even a cute dog (from The Artist) in the mix. Each award show have there own special award for the Globes it is called The Cecil B Dimille Award and this year it was given to God himself The magnificent Morgan Freeman. The award always includes a montage of clips from the recipitant films, and this year when I watched those clips like Shawshank Redemption, Glory, Bruce Almighty, March of the Penguins (voice) and even something from the Electric Company I was reminded that my mom is right Mr. Freeman is one of the best and that this award was truly deserved. I know most people find award shows long and boring and they may even be a little jealous that Hollywood likes to pat themselves on the back but I enjoy ALL OF THEM. With the Oscars just over a month away I say bring them on!

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