Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How I Met Your Mother-46 minutes

Happy 150th episode to How I met Your Mother! Marshall and Lily are moving to the suburbs, how is this going to affect the gang you ask?

Barney loves the idea and decides to take charge, while Ted doesn't know what to do without his best friend. HIMYM is in its 7th season and is the best dramedy on TV. As I teased this weeks episode had our gang of 5 and Kevin separated for the first time in a long time and the story goes...

   In the suburbs expected parents Marshall and Lily are making their old house a new home with some unwanted help by Lily’s newly reacquainted father (Chris Elliot). The lights go out and he plays with Marshall's head, who now has to move around in the darkness to find the fuse box, something he has never had to worry about before.

  In the city the new gang led by Barney end up at a strip club much to Robin and Kevin's distain where they run into Lily's doppelganger a Russian Stripper named Jasmine and her large, scary boyfriend. Can the two halves of the gang make it through the night? You can watch or re-watch on-line to see what happens.

           Although one of the HIMYM crew came to my sister's wedding a while back I am no way affiliated with this fun, great series.

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