Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Open note to ALL TV networks

Please as mid-season starts up and before you cancel anything else this season please read and take note…

  1. Don’t cancel a series before it even has time to build up an audience. - take it from someone who knows and watches over 30 hours of TV a week. There is a lot to watch and it takes some time for viewers to decide what they like and if they want to stick with the series. No more canceling shows after only airing two episodes! Give each at least the first season, three would be better but I know budgets are tight but this brings me to point number
  2. The rule of NCIS! I know in the  ratings for the first couple of seasons of NCIS were low, hell even I admit I didn’t give it a try until the third season but that is my point and now it has been number one for the past few years! Giving a show a year or two gives it a chance to find itself and viewers. Sure NCIS may not get nominated for any awards and critics don’t talk about it as much as they should but you don’t care about that, right? Anyway NCIS is a good show with good stories and a wonderful cast and it got a chance to prove itself. Don’t ALL series deserve the same chance? And finally we come to
  3. RATINGS! RATINGS! RATINGS!!! I know ratings are the most important aspect in deciding whether to cancel or not to cancel? You must know by now that they way people watch TV has changed drastically since the whole ratings system began. Viewers and their families don’t always have the time to sit around at 8 and watch TV. Ever since the VCR was invented people have learned how to live their lives and still watch their shows. Now between our DVRs and on line there is so much time to watch what we want when we want. Every weekend I catch up with what I missed as I watch and delete  my way through my DVR.
These are just a few ideas from someone who loves and cares about her's and all TV shows. GIVE THEM A CHANCE!

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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