Friday, January 13, 2012

Eulogy for One Life to Live

I know we haven't had the best relationship, I only started watching you when Michael Easton joined the cast (after Port Charles got canceled, go figure) and I haven't really been paying attention for the past couple of years because I really didn't like what was happening with the story but the last thing I wanted was for you to end.
     One last time I will raise a glass to the characters that lived in and passed through Llanview, PA. from Asa and his Buchanan boys to Dorian and her Kramer girls, to the doctors at the hospital to the entire police force, the staff at the Sun and Banner to the staff of the Buenos Diaz diner and all those hanging out in Angel Square. From stories that included D.I.D. (Viki/Niki and Jess/Tess) to teen pregnancy and gay rights through your 43 years you'd tackled all the issues. There were characters I hated (Todd Manning) ant those that I loved (David Vickers and Bo Buchanan). Everyday was a new adventure with fights, friendship and love. Every character will forever stay in my heart.
     In the end I never fell as close to you or loved you as I did with All My Children*  but that doesn't mean I won't miss you as much. If we truly only get ONE LIFE TO LIVE then I am glad I got to spend some of mine with yours.
THANK YOU Ms. Agnes Nixon for the two most wonderful Soaps there ever was!!!

        *=For everything I said about my love for The Soap Opera see blog

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