Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Taste of Romance-Hallmark movie channel

A fancy high end French resturant owned by a single work driven female named Sara and a new run by firefighters burger joint with a single father named Gill in charge, looks like a recipe for romance right?

   It should be but there are problems that have to be dealt with first-A compition between the two resturants, loneliness, and the death of a wife and mother. Turns out the the young girl, Hannah really likes Sara from the moment she meets her. I mean she makes sweet pretty desserts and can teach her to speak french, what's not to like? Her father on the other hand is still morning his wife who died of cancer and changes his career from firefighter to cook because of a fear of death.

  Like with all the hallmark movies all this affects there relationships with all those who love and care about them.
  Can Sara make her resturant a success?  Will these two oppisites find love?
       Find out when you watch A Taste of Romance

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