Monday, January 9, 2012

Film review-Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

When the credits rolled on the last Sherlock film starring the magnificent Robert Downey Jr as Holmes and the incredible Jude Law as Dr.Watson I couldn’t wait to see the “this movie was made with a sequel in mind” sequel and here it is, when we left off Professor James Moriarty had yet to be seen by the audience his presence was there but his figure was hidden in the shadows, this time we finally get to see why these two characters are ideal foes, in this film we quickly learn that there have been bombing being blamed on anarchist all over Germany, France and England, Moriarty is planning to start a World War, years earlier then it is going to happen and Holmes is the only one that knows, can he and Watson,  who is suppose to be on his honeymoon stop him in time?
To me this film like the one before isn’t necessary about the plot I know I am going against what I have said many time in the past about a good story makes a great film but this time it is all about Sherlock, Watson and Moriarty who they are in literature and pop culture, which means casting was the most important piece of the film’s puzzle, I have to say Robert Downey jr. and Jude Law have perfect chemistry and work well off one another, if there is no other reason to see this movie that would be it but I also love the look of the film the 19th century landscape through the eyes or Director Guy Richie and crew including the production designer, cinematography and costume designer makes every detail fantasy and dreamlike yet still set in reality as the places, people, horses and cars pass by,  also this time around our two detectives have new and enjoyable actors to watch and help them out, there is a gypsy woman (newcomer to Americain film Noomi Rapace) who gets caught up with the trouble that Holmes seems to always bring with him and she fits right in with the guys helping and fighting right beside them whenever she can, Sherlock’s brother Mycroft (Stephen Fry) is also introduced in A Game of Shadows and is almost as nuts as Sherlock, I also have to admit here that when the first film ended I was wondering who would play Moriarty  and according to my search there were rumors that it was going to be Brad Pitt I like Pitt but in the end I’m so glad they went with a actor (Jared Harris) who I’ve rarely seen and only know from the TV series Mad Men  and I LOVED hating him.
Back to the story and director once again there are a couple of sequences and scenes worth mentioning, including a fantastic chase through the woods as the good guys are being shot at and surrounded by explosions all around them, and all the fights including the one at Watson’s bachelor party which seemed to go on and on were well done and enjoyable to watch.
So if you want to see a fun, buddy, action, comedy movie go see Sherlock Holmes: A Book of Shadows.

TV NOTE: There is also a new TV series just called Sherlock that is British but takes place TODAY that is really worth checking out if you haven’t already the first season is on DVD and the second on TV this side of the pond in May we hope.

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