Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog within a blog-movies airing on cable

Saturday night at 8 and 9 a handful of cable premium channels aka HBO, Showtime and Starz air a premiere of a recent film. Tonight I unexpectedly got to watch a small Helen Mirren movie marathon. First I watched the new version of Arthur starring Russell Brand and who knew who knew that brand could do a romantic comedy and be good at it he was not only his fun and funny self but I thought he was actually pretty sweet I know who knew!? The movie wasn't great but the performances kept me entertained if Brand as the always drunk man child was the first but the was also Mirren's role as his long time nanny Hobson, she was very sweet and the only person in Arthur's life that cared about him and their relationship was unexpectedly nice to watch then there was Jennifer Garner who I have love  since her Alias days and to see her as an evil only out for the money fiancĂ©e was very enjoyable I never wanted the guy to get the sweet girl more speaking of the good love interest because you know all rom coms have one I thought Greta Gerwig whom I have yet to seen in anything was really good, she was sweet, funny and nice as the character of Naomi Quinn I believe we could be friends. Arthur's and Naomi's first date was very cool I wouldn't mind having the scene happen to me in real life one day. As I said in the beginning this film turned out to be better then expected and I would watch it again next time I happen to flip by it while channel surfing.
the other Helen Mirren film I caught in the same night was Red, I movie about retired CIA agents who are thrown back into action unlike Arthur I did want to see this one and it too was funny and fun to watch, I missed the first ten minutes so I don't know why the CIA wanted them dead but with actors like Mirren, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman you don't really need to know the answer and just let them do what they do best. I will watch the whole movie next time it comes around.

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